My work as a research fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music is finished. The final result of my project, “The Tartini Style”, has been presented as a recording of violin sonatas by Giuseppe Tartini, along with a critical reflection that accounts for the historical sources, methods and development of my performance. Both parts of the work have now been approved by the assessment committee.

The viva voce takes place in Levinsalen at the NMH on Friday, April 24th at 11 a.m. The members of the assessment committee are prof. Pauline Nobes, prof. Chiara Banchini and prof. Erik Stenstadvold.

The recorded material that has been assessed consists of sonata in F, B.F4, sonata in g, B. g5 (“The Devil’s Sonata”) and the pastorale in scordatura B.A16, the latter performed on the Hardanger fiddle, as well as a simpler recording of the slow movement from sonata in d, B.d4.  The three complete sonatas will be released on Pure Audio Blu-Ray by Lindberg Lyd later in 2015.

The critical reflection can be downloaded here (pdf, 95 pages).


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